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Student Government

Joel Alex – President

Joel is in his fourth semester at Touro University studying B.A in Psychology. He speaks English, Hindi, Malayalam and German. Joel is the President of the student government, his duties include collaborating with students to find solutions to issues, sharing suggestions from the student body with the university administration, and acting as CEO of the student government. If he’s not busy with his academics you will find him playing competitive online games.

Sinjini Singha – Vice President

Sinjini Singha, a B.A. Psychology student in Touro University Berlin, hails from Kolkata, India. She fluently speaks English, Hindi and Bangla. As the Vice-President of the Student Government, Sinjini aims to take initiatives to ensure that the university provides a safe and inclusive environment for all students. She also ensures effective communication within and outside the Student Government for the best possible execution of all initiatives and events. Typically, if she is not working on her personal research projects, you may find her dancing or making an art piece.

Luisa Manrique – Event coordinator

Luisa is currently completing her Psychology bachelor’s at Touro University Berlin. With that experience, she sees a future for herself in the neurosciences. She speaks Spanish, English and German. Gaining new experiences is Luisa’s main drive. Thus, in her free time she values variety, taking part in a broad range of social, creative, and physical activities. The opportunity to share these with other students in combination with her joy for organization was Luisa’s motivation to join the Student Government as the Event Planner.

May Hartmann – Club Coordinator

May is about to finish her Psychology BA at Touro University in Berlin. As a club coordinator, she sees to bring clubs to life, and to encourage activity on campus with the team. Living most of her life in Berlin, she hopes to see the Touro community in Berlin thrive as much as the city itself.

Riya Dani – Treasurer

Riya is in her third semester at Touro University studying her B.A in Psychology. She speaks German, Hindi, and English as she’s from New Delhi, India. Riya is the student government’s Treasurer.  She handles all our budget and makes any event possible regardless of the amount we work with. She’s resourceful, creative and loves solving problems.  

She thoroughly enjoys understanding everyone around her including herself.

Helin Sharaf – Public Relations

Helin is in her third semester at Touro University studying her B.A in Psychology. She speaks Kurdish, Arabic, and English as she’s from Kurdistan, Iraq. Helin is in charge of the student government’s public relations, she also works on social media alongside Francesca. She announces events through our social media accounts and deals with student relations. She loves a good event and bringing people together for a memorable time. With her energy, she brings that around!  You’ll most likely find her reading someone’s astrological birth chart at any event.

Francesca Fromme – Social Media

Francesca is in her third semester at Touro University studying for the B.A. in Psychology. She speaks English, German, Italian and French. She’s the social media and graphic design position in the student government. For social media, alongside Helin, she creates a bridge between the students and the University, announcing important events and keeping students up to date. She’s extremely creative and always comes up with new ideas to make Touro a more colourful and artistic space.

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