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Prof. Dr. Özen Odağ

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Dr. Odağ’s research interests are located at the intersections of media and communication studies and cross-cultural psychology. Her work is characterized by an interest in disadvantaged and vulnerable populations and the effects of media messages on them. She examines these through an empowerment perspective with the goal to give voice, increase digitally-enabled political participation, and facilitate democratic pursuits of collective action. In her research she pays special attention to the political and governmental contexts in which media uses and effects occur. 

Dr. Odağ has recently received a large grant from the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (Federal Ministry for Education and Research) for her 4-year RESPOND! study ( aiming to combat Antisemitism online through a media-competence training especially developed and tailored to the vulnerabilities and skills of young people (in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Buhin-Krenek).

Dr. Odağ is a mixed methods researcher with a broad expertise in quantitative and qualitative research methodology, which she has been teaching since 2003. Before joining Touro Berlin in 2016, she was the coordinator of the Methods Center of the Bremen Graduate School of Social Sciences (2010 – 2016). Dr. Odağ, originally from Turkey, received her graduate degree in Psychology from Heidelberg University and her doctorate from Jacobs University Bremen (now Constructor University).

Odağ, Ö., Schneider, F., Kim, J., & Buhin, L. (2023). Media Use and Political Engagement: Cross-Cultural Approaches – Editorial Introduction. International Journal of Communication, 17.

Odağ, Ö. & Mittelstädt, A. (2023). Mixed Methods in Research on the Psychology of the Internet and Social Media (POISM). Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 24(1), Art. 18, 

Schneider, F. M., Knop-Huelss, K., Kim, J., Buhin, L., Gröning, M., Umel, A. & Odağ, Ö. (2023). What role does media entertainment play in emerging adults’ political identity and engagement across cultures? International Journal of Communication, 17. 

Arant, R. Hanke, K., Mittelstädt, A. Pennington, R, & Odağ, Ö. (2023). The role of media use in political mobilization: A comparison of free and restrictive countries. International Journal of Communication,17.

Erdem-Möbius, H., Odağ, Ö. & Anders, Y. (2022). The Interplay of Ethnocultural Identity and Language: Perceptions and Experiences of Turkish Immigrant Mothers in Home–School–Society Relational Spaces. Journal of Language, Identity & Education.

Odağ, Ö., Uluğ, M. Ö., Maganic, M. & Kanık, B. (2022). Exploring collective action motivations and the mobilizing role of social media: A comparative interview study with activists in Germany and Turkey. Journal of Political Psychology, 44(2), 235-255.

Odağ, Ö., Uluğ, M. Ö., & Ünal, H. (2021). Identity dynamics among left-leaning, politically active Kurds in Germany: The role of perceived injustice, collective efficacy, and online/offline participation. International Journal of Communication, 15, 23.

Erdem-Möbius, H., Odağ, Ö. & Anders, Y. (2021). Socio-spatial segregation in school-society relational spaces from the perspectives of Turkish immigrant mothers: “Where are the Germans?” Contemporary Social Science,

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