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Prof. Dr. Anna Klippstein

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Prof. Dr. Klippstein is a full-time faculty member and Professor of Finance, teaching in the fields of Finance and Management, including Corporate Finance, International Financial Markets, Portfolio Analysis, Investment Principles, Money & Banking, Entrepreneurship and Management.

Before joining Touro Berlin in 2013, Prof. Dr. Anna Klippstein held several positions at renowned international banks such as UBS, Dresdner Bank and LGT Bank for more than 15 years. Her last position was Director of Wealth Management with responsibilities of portfolio supervision, strategy development and financial analysis. She also worked as a visiting Professor at the State University St. Petersburg, where she developed a variety of financial courses such as “Hedging Strategies with Financial Options”, “Financial Markets”, “Banking and Finance”. 

From 2014 till 2017 she has served as a Dean for both Undergraduate and MBA programs at Touro Berlin, being a part of the Senior management Committee Rectorate. Currently Prof. DR. Anna Dr. Klippstein is a Member of the Academic Senate of Touro Berlin.

Prof. Dr. Anna Klippstein is Ambassador for the Brain City Berlin, executive member of the Diplomatic Club by the German Ministry of the Foreign Affairs, the Member of the Academic Advisory Board of German Association of Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses (BVMW), and the Member of Editoria Board of International Journal of Finance, Economics and Trade (IJFET).

Prof. Dr. Klippstein studied Political Economy and Economics at the St. Petersburg State University and was awarded her Ph.D. degree with the doctoral thesis “Option market in modern economy” in 1999. Her main area of research is focused on financial economics. Besides that Prof. Dr. Anna Klippstein is searching on the topics of diversity as well as the digital transformation and its impact on the capital markets.


Financial Economics, Capital Markets, Digital transformation, FinTech, Gender diversity


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2010-2011 Scientific contribution to the project “LGT and science” (Behavioral Economics, Hedging strategies applied by Portfolio Management)

Klippstein, Anna. (2020). Financial options and solutions for businesses under the circumstance of pandemic. White paper of the German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses  

Klippstein, Anna. (2020). Transformation. Fintech. Podcast for Dan Academy 

Klippstein, Anna; Mätzschker C. Eliyahu. (2021). Der Einfluss der Pandemie auf den Kapitalmarkt. Beitrag für Brain City Berlin. 

Klippstein, A., Mätzschker, E. C., Boichenko, M., Peterson, S., Nuti, M., Devon, C., Merlin Cederic, L.E.W.II (2021). The pandemic and its impact on the capital market. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Economy & Business, 15, 36-48.

Klippstein, Anna. (2022) „Aus den multiplen Krisen in die strukturelle Transformation – eine neue Angebotspolitik für die deutsche und europäische Wirtschaft“. Contribution to the White paper of Academic Advisory Board of the German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

1994-1999 – Participation in number of international Conferences focused on the topics of „International Investment Policy“, „Banking and Finance“, „European Monetary Union“ (e.g. – “Investitionspolitik Russlands unter modernen Bedingungen”, Allrussische Wissenschaftliche Konferenz, St.-Petersburg 1997, “Investitionen und Umweltfragen” Gera, 1995, Banking Congress, Moscow 1997)

Sept 2015 – Eurasian Economic Forum, international conference in St. Petersburg, economic section. Workshop presentation “Gender diversity: Women in corporate environment – competitiveness, leadership – changing stereotypes “

Dec 2015 – International economic conference “East meet West” in St. Petersburg Panel discussion “Gender diversity – do we need statutory quotas in businesses?” 

Workshop presentation “Female leadership in private sector”

Workshop presentation “Analysis of Corporate hierarchies based on the Social Dominance Theory”

Nov 2017 – 24th International Women’s Conference “East meets West in St. Petersburg”

Keynote speech “Digital transformation and the consequences for gender diversity”

Moderation of the plenary session

May 2019 – 7. Jahrestagung der Arbeitskreis Finanzierung der Professorinnen und Professors der Hochschulen für angewandte Wissenschaft, Zittau 

Keynote “Fintech Mechanisms of Innovation”

Oct 2019 – 25th International Women’s Conference “East meets West in St.  Petersburg

Keynote speech “Fintech solutions for female entrepreneurs”

Mai 2021 – Arbeitskreis Finanzierung, NBS Annual Conference in Hamburg  

Presentation of the scientific project with students and alumni: Klippstein, Boichenko, Devon, Maetzschker, Nuti, Penn, Peterson: “Growth versus Value – Change of Capital Market’s Paradigm” 

Aug 2021 – International Conference Economy and Business Burgas, Bulgaria 

Presentation of the scientific project with students and alumni: Klippstein, Boichenko, Devon, Maetzschker, Nuti, Penn, Peterson: “Pandemic and its impact on the capital market”

Oct 2022 – International Conference New World, New Opportunities St. Petersburg, Keynote “Investment for women as tool of gender equality “

On-campus conferences and panels 2020-2023 (for both undergraduate and graduate students)

March 2020 – Women in Business. Panel discussion with Business Leaders

March 2021 – Gender Diversity and Diplomacy. Panel discussion with female Ambassadors.

December 2022 – Conference “Digital transformation and its impact on business” 

March 2023 – Conference “Sustainability and its implementation into business life” (in cooperation with the Research Department of Bayer AG)

Federal Association of Medium-Sized Enterprises (Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft BVMW) – Member of Academic Advisory Board BVMW

Berlin Partners for Wirtschaft und Technologie – Ambassador for the Brain City Berlin

International Journal of Finance, Economics and Trade – Editor of the peer review magazine 

Prof. Dr. Anna Klippstein Dean MBA T +49 (0)30 – 300 686 0 F +49 (0)30 – 300 686 39 Read More