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Mascha Lehr-Bozovic

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Mascha has a degree in clinical psychology from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. Her main professional interests are attachment theory and mental health advocacy. During her studies, she volunteered with people with psychotic disorders. She started her professional career in a psychiatric hospital and a public health centre.

During the past several years, she has worked at Stillpoint, a psychology hub, aiming to take psychology outside academia and clinic and bring it closer to the general public. She has done that by curating an educational programme, hosting lectures, discussions, and art events, with the goal of facilitating conversations between experts in the field and a broad audience. The possibility of discussing psychology outside the usual professional contexts gives her hope that we will collectively reach a higher level of introspection and empathy. Having the opportunity to take part and host some of these important conversations brings her a sense of professional meaning.

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