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Jane Williams-Boock, Dipl.-Kfm.

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Jane Williams-Boock’s focus is on successful global education and academia based on ethics and values within international business, legal frameworks and the rapidly developing implications of the WorldWideWeb and Artificial Intelligence.

In this capacity she calls both sides of the Atlantic home; her early life already began in international cross cultural education.

Rector Williams-Boock then graduated with degrees in both law and business administration from the University of Hamburg.

She has worked with human resources offices, international law firms, and German State Governments, always focusing on global cultural aspects, education and academia.

In 2011 Rector Williams-Boock began her career at Touro College Berlin as an adjunct Professor of Management; offering numerous courses in Business Ethics, Business Law and Intercultural Management on both the Undergraduate and Graduate level. As Dean of the Graduate Business Program, Provost of Touro College Berlin and now Rector of Touro University in Berlin she has maintained her strong focus on Ethics in the international, intercultural environment, especially with a focus on AI.

She has presided several international educational boards, the Diplomatic Club at the German Foreign office and is a founding member and former Vice-President of the IWF German Chapter, Berlin.

Due to her personal and professional experience, she has a strong network within the international business and diplomatic community and with leading managers of multinational corporations.

In her work as Rector of Touro University Campus Berlin, the American-Jewish University in Berlin Charlottenburg, Ms. Williams-Boock strives to pass on her experience in both the fields of law and business.

Ms. Williams-Boock:

“My greatest pride are our successful graduates who prove that our students acquire more than academic and personal skills to succeed in their professional life within our globally challenging world.

Our Touro University System provides a lifelong constantly growing community. Expertise in all facets ensures conveying of values and all necessary skills inside and outside of the classroom for professional careers that embrace a successful future.”

In September 2012 Ms. Williams-Boock was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit (Bundesverdienstkreuz) by the German Federal President Gauck.

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