Touro University Berlin



  • Commencement ceremony 2023

  • Open House

    We are excited to announce that we are hosting an Open House! This is a great opportunity to check out all the wonderful programs we have to offer, bachelors & masters included. Our professors are also present and ready to showcase the classes and any questions you may have for them!

  • Spring Ball

    Students, faculty and professors of Touro Berlin, it is time to dress up in your finest attire and hit the dance floor at our spring ball event on the 27th of April! Special entertainment by one of our talented students that´ll be playing. Ticket entry is 5€. Find the student government to pay for your […]

  • Trauma and resilience in the experiences of soldiers

    We are continuing our workshop series on “Trauma and resilience in the experiences of soldiers”. Please join us in person or via zoom link:

  • Sustainability and its implementation into business life

  • The Luftwaffe in the third Reich

    The exhibition „The Luftwaffe in the third Reich“ at the Bundeswehr Museum of Military History at Berlin-Gatow Airfield is the result of a cooperation with Touro Berlin. It was extended until March 1st.  Don’t miss the Book Launch & Finissage with our Prof. Stephan Lehnstaedt!