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Letter from the Rector
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Letter from the Rector

Welcome to Touro University Berlin

Welcome to Touro University Berlin. 

Founded in 2003 we take great pride in being the Berlin campus of Touro University New York. Our institution of higher education has a special meaning within the framework of the history of Berlin; we especially honor this within our academic mission to maintain the highest standards in research and teaching following an interdisciplinary concept.

As the American academic Institution in Berlin based on   jewish values and academic competency we provide a uniquely successful, future oriented education for our students.

Our excellent faculty and our dedicated admin team continuously strive to promote and apply our ethical and intellectual heritage and values to build bridges between cultures and work for the good of society as a whole. 

Thanks to being a non-profit organization we wisely allocate our resources to maintain a high degree of academic efficiency and effectiveness. 

We are strongly dedicated to preserving our history as a Jewish American University, while embracing, welcoming and honoring students from all backgrounds. Fulfilling our mission to provide excellent academic and personal growth within our Undergraduate Programs of Business, Psychology and upcoming Cyber Security; MBA program, upcoming MA in Psychology and our unique MA in Holocaust Communication and Tolerance; we offer our students an exceptional international network of educational, entrepreneurial, business, and governmental leaders. 

Our successful graduates prove that our students acquire more than academic and personal skills to succeed in their professional life within our globally challenging world. Touro University System provides a lifelong constantly growing community. Expertise in all facets ensures conveyance of values and all necessary skills inside and outside of the classroom for professional careers that embrace a unique future.

Jane Williams-Boock

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