Study Business in Berlin (U.S. or German Degree)

Study in Berlin (state recognized) without waiting time and entirely in English. Possibility to obtain a double degree!

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Key Information For Your Studies


German Degree: Three Years
U.S. Degree: Four Years

Program Structure

German Degree Track (180 ECTS)
U.S. Degree Track (120 US credits)

Entry Requirements

Abitur, Fachhochschulreife, GED, Highschool Diploma or equivalant (no grade restrictions)

Start Dates

Fall Semester: Late September
Spring Semester: February


The tuition fee is 4500€ per Semester


Campus Am Rupenhorn Berlin

Our Success Stories

Esther Jendroska

graduated with a B.Sc in Business Administration from Touro College Berlin in 2014. She went on to complete a French and German Masters Degree during which she founded two e-commerce Start-ups. Parallel to consulting and coaching women in entrepreneurship, she currently holds a position as Market Manager at one of the world's leading travel agencies.

Besida Mekollari

completed her MBA and Bachelor of Business Administration: FInance studies at Touro College Berlin. She is now a Consultant at the largest insurance company and the largest financial services group worldwide, Allianz.

Aydan Mammadova

completed her Bachelor of Business Administration with Major in Finance at Touro College Berlin in 2013.  She is working now as General Ledger Accountant at a new generation of neighborhood lifestyle hotels Penta Hotels. And is also a full time mother of two wonderful kids.

We Are Family

Prof. Dr. Larisa Buhin-Krenek

Dean of Undergraduate Programs

“What I enjoy most about Touro Berlin is our multicultural and interdisciplinary nature. Every classroom is an opportunity to interact with someone who represents a different culture and worldview. We are a small community which gives us many opportunities for learning and research collaborations across all programs.”

The Curriculum for your BA Studies

1.- 3. Semester

• Principles of Accounting I and II
• Principles of Management
• Principles of Marketing
• Principles of Finance
• College Mathemathics
• Business Report Writing
• Modern Jewish History

4.- 5. Semester

• Business Law
• Business Ethics
• Investment Principles
• Entrepreneurship
• Portfolio Analysis
• History of the Holocaust

6.- 8. Semester

• Strategic Marketing Management
• Statistics for Business
• Advanced Topics in Finance
• Management
• Economics or Marketing
• International Financial Markets



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